1. pdan

    “Don’t raise the arm, Joel, don’t raise the arm…”

    • Snack pack

      Exactly. He is really rocking the Hitler ‘stash.

      • You don’t actually know what Hitler’s mustache looked like, do you?
        Either way, Hitler definitely ruined the “charlie chaplin” mustache for everyone.

      • TomFrank

        If you look closely, he does not have a Hitler/Chaplin/Hardy ‘stash. His mustache actually spans the whole lip. It’s the unfortunate shadow of his nose by a light directly overhead that creates the illusion. And, of course, that haircut isn’t helping.

    • Snack pack

      Ah, yes. It looked like a little rectangle under his nose when I was looking at this on my phone. But now at home on my computer I can see it is more of a “John Waters” than a “Hitler.”

      • BE

        Nope – and now we know you’re about three years old.

        He’s obviously channeling “old Hollywood.”

        More like Clark Gable, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

        I can’t imagine doubt anyone mainstream would intentionally copy John Waters..

  2. cc

    Didn’t he punch Charlie Sheen the other day?

  3. Napoupi

    That’s a rather unfortunate shadow…

  4. telesputnik


  5. Violet

    Was he a waiter?

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