1. pdan

    “Grandma” – the new line by Victoria’s Secret.

  2. cc

    Sorry, post-Manson no one is hot.

  3. Evil Dick Tater

    Poor Dita, she should have known she’d need a tetanus shot (among other things) after being with Marilyn. Now her jaw is all locked up so she ain’t no good to nobody.

  4. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    wonder if the other Manson girl,Evan Rachael Woods will pose like that.

  5. Hmm…Dita Von Teese posing dressed and made up to look exactly like Betty Page, what a fresh style for her. She should try to build an entire life on that idea.

  6. kitty

    Why do nice bras always come with granny panties???

    • Trek Girl

      They are a style of panty that many women like because they look nice, feel comfortable, and keep everything in place when wearing clothes that need a solid foundation. It’s a classic style of lingerie that can work wonders with shaping the body, and making women that like it feel sexy.

      I wouldn’t mind having some of these lol.

      • BE

        From your comment to all the crotch flashing celebrities, though. Five years into that trend and it’s getting really old.

    • BE

      I’m with you. Everywhere you look is the “Mad Men” girdle styles. Your granny literally DID wear this type of style.

      And even tho I love Mad Men. Yech.

      • Trek Girl

        The run-of-the-mill kind grosses me out for the very reason you stated, BE. I only like a few (very few) styles of them, Dita’s line being one.

  7. “I call this collection The Blue Waffle”

  8. pinkletants

    Dita Von Predictable.

  9. tlmck

    She has made a hell of a career out of being a one trick pony.

  10. Violet

    I’m calling robot. That’s no belly button.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Heh Well, no. Bellybuttons don’t sit at your waist level anyway. So if she has one it’s hidden under those deplorable bloomers.

  11. I wish Dita Von Teese would launch a lingerie collection to the floor of my bedroom and then launch her pretty ass into my bed.

  12. Dirty Sanchez

    What Lady Gaga wishes she could pull off, but her cockle wouldn’t fit.

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