1. DeucePickle

    I guess I was right, culo does mean butt.

  2. I can’t imagine why she’d be featured in a book called “ass”. Maybe she’s an unpleasant personality?

  3. The brown Coco. heh heh, get it? coco-a?

  4. Damn, she’s packing the entire rain forest back there!

  5. cp3

    So then I said, you got a lumpy butt! And I sat in mah pee-pants all day long.

  6. Radadoon

    S if Suelyn Medeiros and Kim Kardashian both fell of the face of the earth, there would be room for ten more people?

  7. That’s one train I’d like to enter starting at the caboose.

  8. jaded

    I don’t know why they said Pippa’s ass was padded, looks all natural to me

  9. Idiot in America

    Idiocracy is happening bit by bit, the winner of the academy award is,” ASS!”

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