1. pdan

    I love the smell of…oh yeah, can’t smell anymore from all the coke. Whatever. Great fucking morning.

  2. Coke is a hell of a drug. It took 7 hours in makeup to make him look *this* good.

  3. Barbosa

    that guy looks rough; acutally he looks like my grandpa. My grandpa is 79.

  4. Cypherpunk

    He looks like he’s about to go fight a mummy with Ozzie Davis….

  5. Johnny P!

    Apparently this “Charles Swan III” character was lobotomized while watching an ultra low-budget 70′s porn movie.

  6. Next stop – Steven Segalville.

  7. Arizona Ken

    There’s nothing that says ‘I’m ready to die’ than the Elvis look, circa 1975.

  8. cc

    He’s going to see the crack Sensei.

  9. Contusion

    I thought Hunter S. Thompson died already.

  10. Cock Dr

    He’s a legend in his own mind.

  11. Perplexity

    I could really go for a cocaine burrito right about now.

  12. littleturtlehead

    Fuck I thought he was trying to channel Elvis….

  13. Biff

    Reminds me of Elvis. Skinnier, but still Elvis.

  14. Arzach

    Shit I’ll better pass on the tiger blood

  15. CajunJoe

    Fred Ward is looking ready for the Remo Williams sequel

  16. Kat

    Looks like he’s planning on giving us A Glimpse Inside the ROBE of Charles Swan III, god help us.

  17. “I just got back from a Halloween party…I went as Hugh Hefner.”

  18. BE

    Let the hair get a little longer and he’ll be channeling Keith Richards…

  19. MisterSuccint

    Looks like Jack Nicholson
    … circa 2031.

  20. Ron Jeremy without the bouquet of chest hair.

  21. I wonder if Sheen will die on the shitter like Elvis did?

  22. bethy

    I wear this when I go to airports so people will assume I’m Steven Segal and ignore me.

  23. Turns out the Charlie Sheen look-a-like we hired was REALLY Charlie Sheen *shudder*

  24. If we’re going to glimpse into his mind, why is he wearing a robe? Oh….

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