1. pdan

    And then a PETA rep was heard saying “Um, yeah, anybody got anymore fur around here? Seriously, mink, raccoon, whatever.”

  2. DeucePickle

    Fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake tits, even the clothes are fake.
    But I gotta admit, she pulls it off.

  3. TomFrank

    I hear the number one request of children sitting on this Santa’s lap is “the hepatitis vaccine.”

  4. it had to be said

    Ho ho fucking ho.

  5. cc

    Every year I make make my own Christmas cards, but this year I was stuck for a new cover. Not anymore!

  6. Evil Dick Tater

    Is that her Special Porpoise peeking out of her, uh, muff?

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Her sideboob is disgusted by her sideboob.

  8. Cock Dr

    That’s a vile implant job.
    The full sleeve is kinda cool, but those BS tattoos on the torso look like shit. IMO that’s a lot of work for a lot of fail.

    • BE

      I think her vapid “point” here is that she’s posed just like the one tattoo. Really, that appears to be the best she can do.

      Oh how I miss the days when any narcissistic boob didn’t get to broadcast every pic of themselves they like.

  9. angerinside

    You put a tattoo needle on those tits and BAM, POP you’re glazed like a porn star’s uvula.

  10. kec232

    This is a dude, right?

  11. Venom

    Trash, utter trash.

  12. dotmatrix

    Somebody had to pick up where Amy Winehouse left off.

  13. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume the fur, like everything else, is fake.

  14. Perplexity

    To hell with a tramp stamp, I got a slut swatch.

  15. Banfield

    The saleslady is thinking –” They don’t pay me enough, to put up with this SH#T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  16. cp3

    ummm who and why?

  17. sc4play

    I was going to say’Butterface,’ but I think I’ll go with ‘Buteverything.’ On third thought, let’s just go with ‘Oh Hell No!’

  18. Dr Ha-Ha

    I cannot get it up for this, whateva it is.

  19. GuyLeDouche

    When Good Barbies go Bad: Geraldo Rivera reporting tonight at 10 (9 Central).

  20. The Most Interesting

    In all of these pictures, there’s always a woman in the background holding a gigantic makeup pad saying, “Still not going to be enough.”

  21. me

    i thought it was a man……….

  22. “I going to the church to meet my boyfriend’s family now. Do I look OK?”

  23. cc

    Girl with glasses ‘If unemployment wasn’t so high, I’d smother this skank with this faux fur.’

  24. J.R.

    Goes to show ya… you just can’t hide ugly. NO matter how you dress it up and add to it. Gross… I need to go take some pepto now.

  25. I’ve got ten bucks that says Jesse James banged this tatted up whore too.

  26. bethy

    Meanwhile a salesperson hopes in vain that the hygienic liner remains in place.

  27. I thought this was Gaga from the thumbnail. Just as gross though.

  28. hazeldazel

    Meanwhile the saleslady is thinking, “I did not take 12 credits at Santa Monica Community College to put up with this shit!”

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