1. She’s been snorting skittles again hasn’t she?

  2. EnglishTeacherAnni

    Ke$ha: Where Trends Collide.

  3. Ever wonder if she sits at home, on her second bottle of Night Train, wondering about the image choice she made when she started her career. Sure, she’s no beauty, but she could have gone the Taylor Swift route and been prim and chaste. She could have gone for the Bertney look and been sexual, but in a naive way. But no, she consciously chose two-dollar-gutter-whore. What the fuck was the thought process? It’s like starting your porn career as double-anal bukkake slut. There’s really nowhere left to go. Nothing to fall back on.

  4. Beltliner

    It’s like she tripped and fell through a hole in time right into a Hot Topic, circa 2005.

  5. Cock Dr

    Rob Halford called…he’s still mad about her boosting that jacket but after further thought he doesn’t want it back.

  6. Billy Ray Cyrus x 50.

  7. The gold tooth completes the look.

  8. And all the cuteness she worked for in the last few months is gone, right out the window.

  9. Mohawk Disco

    Class and style. It’s reassuring to know our country’s future is in secure hands. I call them Chinese and Indian exchange students.

  10. “She’s got a gold tooth. You know she’s hardcore. She’ll show ya a good time and then she’ll show ya the door”

  11. I never thought the day would come when I’d think Kesha was attractive in any way. But here it is. She grew on me.

  12. Tonight on a special episode of Behind The Music: Rainbow Brite grows up and becomes a crack whore

  13. She is obviously the love child of Dr. Teeth and Janice from The Electric Mayhem.

  14. cc

    Nah, that’s just a squeegee kid.

  15. fuck you ke$ha. just fuck you.

  16. Swearin

    This was actually the original concept for Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad

  17. Jenn

    Nobody wants to taste that rainbow.

  18. Looks like Tony Danza went ahead with that sex change.

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