1. The Dude

    “I just watched Blue Lagoon.”

  2. Susan Boyle looks like shit

  3. Chris

    Still would.

  4. I would just out of respect for how hot she used to be.

  5. looks like she’s about to suck someone in an alley for a prozac.

  6. capn obvious

    What comes between me and my Calvins? Depends.

  7. cc

    Does having a copy of Pretty Baby count as child porn?

  8. fred

    “Do you know that feeling of suddenly realizing that you made a huge mistake not getting fake cans in the ’80s? Yeah, that just happened to me.”

  9. crb

    MAN! -Even the eyebrows have hit The Wall. Sad, sad day…

  10. “Oh shit. A camera.”

  11. Ozzie looks good today.

  12. Some women are cute as young girls, but blossom into a handsome maturity as they age, gaining a poised and dignified beauty that mere youth can never achieve.

    And then there’s whatever the fuck happened to Brooke Shields.

    • Mr Mc Feely:
      You have my vote for Comment of the Year. And you owe me one keyboard. Mine just got covered in bits of chewed bagel and partially swallowed and regurgitated coffee.

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