1. Hover-handing your girlfriend is not a good sign for your relationship’s future.

  2. Patch

    Oh, cool. Joe Jonas has a beard… and some facial hair, too.

  3. fred

    That shirt is Fabulous.

  4. “Shit, should I touch her ass? If I don’t they will say I am gay, but I don’t really want to touch her ass. WTF do I do?”

  5. Mohawk Disco

    I suspect there is an inverse relationship between a girl’s name and her beauty. Someone should do a study.

  6. Blanda did all right. There are worse jobs as beards.

  7. capn obvious

    Gay meter says:


    Hmmm…calibration seems to be a bit off. The needle should be pegged.

  8. Be Bo Wobbley

    I think they have been misspelling her name all along. I think it is spelled B-l-a-n-d….At least then they could use it as her name and a description of this relationship……Really, Joe’s shirt is more exciting than the two of them together.

  9. Maybe if they spend all night trying to pronounce her name they will forget I’m gay, Right?

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