1. Deacon Jones

    “uhhhh, you guys put Steve Irwin on display? Seriously?”

  2. Josephus

    Just out of the shot: yellow microphone

  3. pdan

    “This tastes like working. Blech!”

  4. “No, Kate. When I said to extract a semen sample from the horse, I meant with your hand.”

  5. Problem?

    Quick- someone push her in with the lions! The promptly award them most generously.

  6. it had to be said

    This zoo tastes mediocre.

  7. Bonky

    Whatever happened to that new job at Coupon Cabin ?

  8. Let that be a lesson Kate, never trust an Aussie’s promises…he’s not going to call you tomorrow either.

  9. “Oh, Kate, the panatloon pink snake is nothing to feel grossed out by.”

  10. allowicious

    OMG ew work.

  11. your mom

    Like anything going on at the zoo is half as gross as having 6 babies…

  12. Let me get this straight, children fall in cages all the time and get eaten yet a horrific human being that has only ever been out-whored by Kris Jenner, survives…

  13. Looks like I need to apply at Coupon Cabin. She’s worked there a week and already gets paid vacation.

  14. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    A lot of people think of children as a gift. Then again a lot of people think of socks as a gift.

  15. Are they waiting for her to birth another baby?

  16. I wonder if she’s hoping the Coriolis Effect makes her relevant again?

  17. JC

    “Ew, I don’t want you to display my kids in this mediocre cage. They should get a full, simulated habitat to live in.”

  18. Kate: “Hey Doc, those smart pills taste like shit”

    Doctor: “See, they’re working”

  19. FruitLoop

    “Ewww you lied, a monkeys nuts do NOT taste like bananas.”

  20. cc

    The coriolis effect caught her by surprise, with unhappy results.

  21. Perplexity

    Just because she is a bitch doesn’t mean she has to sweat like one.

  22. Swearin

    “Can you guys build me one of these enclosures at my house? The kids get wild and FILTHY and I need a better place to stow em”

  23. Venom

    Now that she is out of work, she has to do dirty things to pay the bills. Desperately trying to get the semen taste out of her mouth I see.

  24. How do you say, “Shut the fuck up, you vapid bitch,” in Austrailian?

    • nick

      It goes something like; “Get the fuck out of my country, bitch!”
      And then feeding her to a crocodile

      • Kat

        Crocodiles take to long. That’s why we have sharks. And snakes and enormous spiders. If she gets out alive, we will have failed you, America.

  25. Uncle Phil

    “Eww! My poop swirls the other way in the toilet.”

  26. Applied rough tools

    Kates keeping cool. Good for her.

  27. farting old man's wife

    A little shit on her tongue from the monkeys???

  28. squishy

    Does anyone really care what she thinks about anything??

  29. how the f*ck does she get her own, personalized zookeeper’s outfit??? she’s worthless! i’m bitter…

  30. The Brown Streak

    “After you masterbate the animals, you’re not supposed to eat it.”

  31. After a second thought, shouldn’t she be a shoe-in for a zookeeper job? I mean, she already has years of experience.

  32. Nope, even crocodiles flee when Bitchikunt Giganticus bellows its mating call.

  33. Raoul

    “Crikey! That’s one cranky li’l sheila!”

  34. Sin

    Ok, your time here is done. Time to pick up your kids.

  35. SlippinX12

    She’s a real pro, didn’t even ask for a chair to give birth in

  36. “And this is where your exhibit will be with you and your kids. Don’t mind the smell, it’s just the dingoes you’ll be sharing your cage with.”

  37. First Kardashian, and now her? The British used to send their criminals, and now we’re starting to send our famewhores. I apologize, Australia. I’m not behind this idea. Unless you’re willing to take Dina Lohan.

  38. MrsWrong

    Look, the monkey in the funny shirt learned how to imitate the tourists

  39. licialicia

    Bitch needs a hairstylist, STAT.

  40. tlmck

    “Ewww! That kangaroo cum tastes aweful!”

    “But it’s good for the complexion ma’am(snicker).”

  41. Whyask

    Kate often has flashbacks about sucking Jon Gosselin’s cock.

  42. God is Black

    Guy on the left laughing.”Mate,fuck me these American Bitches are so stupid! She actually sucked that Kangaroo’s penis to get the semen out? What a wanker! BaHaHaHa this is worth a cold one for sure!

  43. God is Black

    OOOPS beaten by “tlmck”

  44. Waldo

    She’s had 8 children pop out of her hooch. 6 of them in a single pass! What could possibly be grossing her out at this point?

  45. See, Kate…that’s what you get for trying ass-to-mouth with an Aussie!

  46. fuckface

    (to be read in a British accent) “as you can see, the blond two legged leech is quite at home in her natural environment. The fertility pill orifice is open, awaiting any amount of cash to be poured into it. She will be comfortable for a few years, seeing that she eats one of her young every few months.”

  47. Someone needs to feed those gorillas some pineapple, this tastes disgusting.

  48. zing

    america you can take her back, seriously

  49. Nik

    “Ughhh they look like my kids!”

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