1. They’re injected full of chemicals to make them plumper.

  2. Not Gonna Do It

    Nope. Too easy.

  3. it had to be said

    “Premium” and “young” are no longer applicable to Ms. Madison.

  4. Bonky

    A Butterball turkey photo call ?. Now I’ve seen everything.

  5. Funny, I thought she liked the old, decrepit turkeys.

  6. Richard McBeef

    She’s just gonna take those turkeys home and stuff them with wrinkly loose skin, because that’s all she knows.

  7. cc

    She’s dropping those off at Christina Aguilera’s later.

  8. The thing I hate about prepping a turkey is that when you’re rubbing brine on the skin, it feel like you’re massaging an old man’s scrotum. Oh wait.

  9. Now that’s redundant at a whole new level

  10. kimmykimkim

    She looks flat in this picture.

  11. Perplexity

    Not satisfied with silicone, Holly looks for the next big thing

  12. Chinny

    Someday, Holly, someday…

  13. 454-Castel Holly

    Thanksgiving already? Damn! She quite been very well role model.

  14. nick

    “Yes Doctor, I want you to implant these for me.”



  16. The Brown Streak

    “I got the ham!”

  17. Arzach

    I can stuff her …

  18. Schweddy Schnatch

    Her new implants are looking a little low and lopsided. Good thing they came with those convenient handles.

  19. Mwaddams

    Holy prepping for Thanksgiving offers assistance in her one area of knowledge, breast meat.

  20. SlippinX12

    Such an opportunist, where you see dinner she sees upgrades

  21. farting old man's wife

    Butterball will sue for having a skank handle their turkeys!!

  22. MrsWrong

    Looks like they’re getting The Girls Next Door back together for the holidays

  23. BAHAH


  24. brit

    I love tender young premium breasts. Shame about Holly’s, however.

  25. E-coli guaranteed after she handles them.

  26. sheldon

    Sorry, you can not have those implanted in you.

  27. Buddy the Elf

    Like anyone believes she can cook. Hell – I bet toast and Ice are out of her league.

  28. Madison

    Of course she did…

  29. The jokes are just writing themselves today.

  30. Nik

    I won’t say anything bad about her, because she is actually a nice girl and is actually not a drug addict like most other celebs.

    • Dr Ha-Ha

      Yes, because nothing screams ‘nice girl’ than a woman choosing to sleep with an old decrepit lizard for the sake of money and fame.

  31. “Excuse me, how do I cute these into steaks?”

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