1. Deacon Jones


    • Cock Dr

      She’s got her game face on.
      The soda business is a damned serious one…billions of dollars hang on her being able to persuade the consumer that Pepsi is the hot sexy pop to drink….and that all the cola competitors are nothing but nasty brown backwash. She should probably show her tits.

  2. Bonky

    Apparently the sound guy didn’t know you should never, ever tell Ms. Vergara that she “rolls her ‘R’s too much” when she speaks.

  3. [ok Sofia, you can do this girl....'Pepsi, it's refreshing'...'PEPSI, it's refreshing', got it ]

    Hi, I’m Sofia Vergara, try Pepsi, it’s depressing! FUCK!

  4. Judging from the various expressions in the room, Pepsi now causes facial paralysis…

  5. “Aspertame gives me g-a-a-a-a-a-a-s.”

  6. cc

    Someone was just overheard saying ‘Kelly Brook is hotter.’

    Latina shitstorm in 3, 2, 1…

  7. TomFrank

    “Ms. Vergara, I swear, when I said ‘Nice cans,’ I was referring to the cans of Pepsi. The ones on the set. Waaaaay over there.”

  8. Venom

    Sophia Vi@gra

  9. Well, I’m convinced. Excuse me while I go pour all the Coke in my house down the drain.

  10. The Brown Streak

    You’d think once her kids turned 14 they’d want to stop breastfeeding.

  11. Dishhonor

    Another reason to loathe Pepsi. *Nod*

  12. Arzach

    I speak Spanish so I don’t give a fuck on how bad her English is.
    Nice tits.

  13. She locked up when he asked her what color her dress was.

  14. MrsWrong

    Victoria Beckham WISHES she could smile this big

  15. “Lady. I’m just a census taker, and I have no idea who this ‘leader’ is you want me to take you to.”

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