1. it had to be said

    She’s smiling under the botox.

  2. Bonky

    “Yes, I am very excited to meet you too !”

  3. Oh come on Victoria…you crushed the world record for “Longest time without smiling” years ago, now you’re just showing off.

  4. Richard McBeef

    It looks like her head is probably interchangeable, which is baffling since somebody decided they should just keep that one on there.

  5. Problem?

    It’s okay, Posh- you CAN smile!

  6. Whee!

    With all that money, it seems clear that David just swapped Victoria out for a Fembot. Which one this is, no one knows.

  7. Her bunions are so bad she’s got them popping out near her neck.

  8. cc

    If you see a girl with an expression like this in a bar, skip the ‘Hi my name is…..’

  9. Cock Dr

    It’s the new smaller implants post baby body debut. Not bad. She’s always been able to make the most of her modest good looks and meager talent in all aspects of her life. It’s impressive.

  10. Venom

    I bet the bounty for a photo of her smiling is about one million dollars.

  11. When she looks up, does Pez come out?

  12. farting old man's wife

    Bitch you got 4 beautiful healthy children a gorgeous husband who is hung and you weight 98 pounds! SMILE DAMMIT!!!

  13. i do like her hair long again….even if it would look 100x better in combo with a smile…

  14. Jackie

    Her boobies look like boobies for the first time since she bought boobies. Boobies.

  15. She’s gained weight. I can’t make out her vertebrae through her neck…oh there they are.

  16. That’s the happiest she’s looked in years.

  17. Give her about five minutes, guys. Her carrier just pushed out an Android update.

  18. arnieblackblack

    Still a miserable cunt. But I’d hit it

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