1. ThisWillHurt

    “Would you stop with the criminalling? I’m shmaltzing ov-ah he-ah!”

  2. Deacon Jones

    (clears throat)

  3. BP

    I heard the Yankess are looking to sign him to a 10 year $200 million deal….

  4. Man, I wish Mel Gibson would show up to this set… Just so Liev can go all method on his ass…

  5. it had to be said

    “I play Hank Greenberg as 1990s New York City cop. It’s a great role.”

  6. Most badass looking Hasidic Jew I’ve ever seen.

  7. Johnny P!

    Meanwhile, back at home, Naomi Watts decided to NOT have that second lo-cal brownie because she wants to look her best for her husband and her career…

  8. EricLr

    Wow, a Jewish cop. Talk about a movie cliche

  9. chicka

    I’d matzoh his balls anytime!! whew!!

  10. I knew it was only a matter of time before he went full Hasidic.

  11. Animal

    He;s filming a movie no one will want to see.

  12. Phoenix

    Jude Law’s been working out.

  13. Bigalkie

    It is now crystal clear exactly what Naomi Watts sees in this guy.

  14. “I’d arrest you, but it’s the Sabbath and all.”

  15. saavik001

    I said matzoh ball, not base ball…

  16. cc

    At least he’s not holding a plunger.

  17. Indifferent Bastard

    We’ve seen him kick his kids, his kids punching him in the balls, and now a baseball bat… I don’t want to know where this is going.

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