1. Tron

    Thats odd…your breast feels like a shoulder.

  2. BP

    Was this pic taken at the Annual Mongoloid Film Festival?

  3. ThisWillHurt

    Scroll down for Jon Hamm references.

  4. Not shown: Peter Dinklage.

  5. “…. and this screen is what you would look like if you had been born attractive like me”

  6. it had to be said

    Penis shots on the Big Screen.

  7. Next week on “Cheaters”…

  8. Jeremy

    Have you seen my new boyfriend? He’s the asshole from those Mac ads… *Wah-Wah*

  9. Johnny P!

    “You’re Enjoying Your Day,
    Everything’s Going Your Way,
    And Then Along Comes Debbie Downer!”

  10. Rachael may be weird looking in the face, but she’s got some huge tits and she’s funny as hell.

  11. EricLr

    A very cruel motherfucker just displayed a fake article on the monitor, with the headline “Dratch and Long invited back to SNL.”

  12. farrellthib

    she makes Amy Poehler look like ’92 era Cindy Crawford

  13. Dave

    When you can see the whites of her eyes from the thumbnail, you know it’s Rachel Dratch.

  14. Snack pack

    Photog should have blurred the foreground and focused on the background. Particularly on the left.

  15. Well, at least we now know how long you can keep making the same face before it stick for good.

    Childhood mystery solved.

  16. flaT

    I hate her. I hate her face so much.

  17. Looking off into the distance at their careers.

  18. Him: Hello, I’m a Mac.
    Her: …and I’m an ET.

  19. cc

    They just saw Jeepers Creepers rating on IMDB. She realizes what it means, he thinks it’s good news.

  20. Allison Wunderlan

    “I’ve seen it 12 times. It’s better than ‘Cats’”

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