1. BP

    Girl put some pants on, u gonna catch cold now y’hear….

  2. Goddamn she keeps getting uglier. I don’t care how photoshopped they make her pics look, we all know she’s a dumb bitch with shitty tattoos and horrible decision making skills.

    Wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. Wouldn’t even fap to.

  3. dirtdog

    Cover up. A bag too.

  4. Not much of a penis if you can cover it with your wrist…

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “No way! I’m NOT getting naked!”
    “OK, we’ll just give Chris Brown a call and have him pick you up.”
    “It unzips in the back.”

  6. Cock Dr

    It’s a shame what she did there on her chest. That design will be a smeary inked mess when she’s older.

  7. Jman

    Is it just me or is tranny technology improving?

  8. She’s not smiling because she hasn’t had a good hit since ohhh… about the 3rd month in ’09.

  9. jim eh

    Bitch, you look like an alien.

  10. Mili

    Her boobs are the perfect size for my hands

  11. achilles wrath

    Her hand looks like a claw.

  12. Can someone check the expiration date on the right hip there? Something smells kind of funny.

  13. It must have been tough convincing her to strip down for the cover shoot. I imagine it going like “Ok Rihanna thanks for coming, so we’re gong to start with is…ok, I see your naked, so lets run with that”.

  14. CK

    that tatoo is just plain ugly.

  15. “Make sure the guys in the photoshop department are certain they can make look 100% non-human, or else I am leaving this shoot and keeping the jacket.”

  16. Athr

    She seems to do the heoin closer to the wrist than most of her fellow worthless drug addicts.

  17. tlmck


  18. Michael

    Yikes, that’s not a good photoshop maneuver. You made her ass as big as Yoshi’s.

  19. Bionic_Crouton

    The alternate title for the article was “Chris Brown’s Greatest Hit”

  20. oh she’s so edgy, look at the way the photo.. YAWN!

  21. Remember “Umbrella”? She was so beautiful back then… Now she just looks trashy and ridiculous.

  22. Joaquin ingles

    What’s she man of the year for??

  23. Hey, look… Glass Joe’s naked.

  24. Stupid

    I’d still eat her in a heartbeat.

  25. … pull my finger.

  26. Burt

    Even with Photoshop, she looks as if her eyes are on the side of her head.

  27. lawn

    I’m glad it’s her hand down there and not mine.

  28. Dunno, man… am I the only one who’s perfectly okay with her pulling shit like this?

  29. welldoneson

    yeah, ya know what, everybody’s got one, ya ho. shake off that concussion and find your self respect. it’s got to be rattling around in there somewhere.

  30. NoLadyDi

    I think she looks good.

  31. Allison Wunderlan

    Why can’t there be an anti sag option in Photoshop?

    • Mira

      Really ? You’re not satisfied unless their faketied to your chin? Jeez, hope you look flawless and perfect or else you should feel stupid right now!

  32. Bumbumbum

    I can’t believe Spock has had to resort to this.

  33. Timothy

    Does she even wear pants anymore?

  34. mr prisoner

    American magazines are behind the times.

    English magazines show nudity.

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