1. His hair line got caught up in the recession, too.

  2. “Kid, when the director looks away slip me the snickers…”

  3. In the words of Peter Parker – (oomph!) “Aiii-EEEEEEEEEE”

  4. He looked left, he looked right, and then he kicked the kid in the nuts

  5. “Hey, Vince! Over here! I’m a 40-year-old doing an internship on this film set! Maybe you could do a movie about that kind of thing, a middle-aged guy doing an internship? Gets into wacky hijinks with the kids he works with? It’d be a smash!”

  6. Heywood Jablomie

    Vince ridin’ the Amish short bus.

  7. “Are we getting off here uncle bad touch?”

  8. Bat Guano

    Looks like Vinnie skipped four and went straight to Fivehead.

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