1. cuddles

    Haha! Her hands are too fat to wear any of her pre selected engagement rings!

  2. broduhjenner

    Kristie alley has never looked better tho

  3. She’s on cloud nine. Which is ironic because she’s unemployed.

  4. fred

    “Ha ha, I’m pregnant so none of you can call me fat!” thought Jennifer, not realizing that her cankles were exposing the ugly truth.

  5. So she’s managed to convince that guy to marry her, immediately got pregnant, ballooned out to triple her size, and got them both kicked to the unemployment line. What a catch she is!

  6. I’ve never seen a woman look so happy to not be worried about looking fat. Well, not since the last pregnant woman I saw.

  7. crb

    Funnily enough, just like all those YouTube videos with the inevitable fires, explosions, crashes, paralyses, and international-incidents,

    right before JLH got herself married, preggers & unemployed, she looked into a camera first and said,

    “Hey Y’All! -Watch This!”

  8. Not a funny caption, but just a thought; Am I the only one to notice that ever since she announced she was engaged her fiance has not been seen with her in any pics? Seriously, you would think that she went to the sperm bank and is having this kid on her own.

    Come on, I can’t be the only person who sees this, right? RIGHT?!

    • crb

      Only if by “went”, you mean hired the feminist version of Ocean’s 13, headed by a shrieking Katherine Heigl to break in and steal her the Turkey-Baster Of Destiny and no-look shoulder-pass it to her before driving off a cliff with Hilary, Lena, and Amanjaw Marcotte into a fiery ball of death, while still complaining about “Knocked Up” and all men in-general, while HIlary punches Amanda in the box with both fists and Lena recites The Call of Cthulhu while suffocating herself on the gearshift of a Hurst Olds once sat-upon by Linda Vaughn,

      -Then: Yes.

  9. Helena Handbasket

    Isn’t there a treatment for chronic pregnancy?

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