1. The hot Olsen sister. Very nice.

  2. Do you think we can get him to grow the mustache and yell “The amount of sheets on this chick is TOO DAMN HIGH!”

  3. Alice Pooper

    Whoopi lost a few pounds?

  4. Looks like she let her ugly sisters dress her in their ugly clothing again. Shame.

  5. Olsen sister. Beloved actor with role in superhero movie. I know she’s the “good” Olsen, but just in case, I’m checking if I can change my dead pool picks.

  6. namelessandshameless

    its always refreshing when a young hollywood starlet breaks with conformity and opts for a boxer instead of a chihuahua

  7. Scarlet Witch and Nick Fury

  8. He found where the white women at.

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