1. Lena Dunham : Glamour :: Mid-Summer Porta-Potty Stench : Perfume

  2. Cock Dr

    Never before has weed & rodent block landscaping fabric been put to such use.

  3. Is that a mosquito net?

  4. gary coleman's ghost

    There’s three words you don’t often see together: “Lena Dunham” and “glamour.”

  5. Okay, you’re getting the idea. Black and shapeless is a good start, but next time, go for less transparency. And don’t forget the face.

  6. -Gets invited to “Women of the Year” gala by other women praising her for “being herself”

    -Gets destroyed by dozens of tabloids written by/for women ripping her apart on every level imaginable

  7. phantom duck

    Lena Dunham at the ‘Glamour’ Magazine Gala. Remember these words, as you will never seem them in the same sentence again.

  8. George P Burdell

    Hayden Panettiere: “Quick the great white whale is entangled in the fishing nets. She might drown.”
    All men: “How can we help. We brought some chains and weights to help her get back under water.”

  9. fred

    Thought inside Lena’s head: If I stand pigeon-toed with my left foot turned in farther, I will look like one of those sexy swimsuit models.

    Thought inside everyone else’s head: Oh God, why is she here, and why the hell is she standing like a horse?

  10. Dress by the wrappers of all the Tootsie Rolls she ate this Halloween.

  11. Bonky

    Why ?

  12. crb

    Our names are Hilary and Lena, Queens of Fugliness:
    Look on our works, ye starving cover-models, and despair!

  13. “I said I wanted Hollywood ugly, not real life ugly!!”

  14. She was invited to make everybody else look good.

  15. Pigeons are looking at those feet, going ” mmm, yeaahh”…

  16. It got even worse when she sat down and started leaking through the little holes in the netting.

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