1. Are they doing a prequel to Driving Miss Daisy?

  2. cc

    She looks anonymous without the disguise.

  3. Katherine Heigl, having been costumed as Gloria Swanson for 29 hours straight, continues her quest to break the Guinness Book of World Records for tons of Halloween trick-or-treat candy collected.”

  4. DeucePickle

    Oh I loved “Bewitched”

  5. I wonder if the script writers get to pick out her clothes too.

  6. “So I says to my husband, Manny,I want to go to Miami for the winter, and he says OK, so I says let’s go now, but don’t forget the rye bread because you can’t get good rye bread in Florida.”

  7. Why can’t I work on one of those shows with classy writers, like Murder She Wrote?

  8. The Brown Streak

    Gotta hurry home! Can’t miss Perry Mason!

  9. squishy

    Just a tad matronly…

  10. Venom

    Pretentious bitch.

  11. Pokemon Mon

    If it weren’t for the bloggers setup none of you would even realize she was dressed like an old lady. Everyone dresses like old ladies these days. Tunics and leggings anyone?

  12. Kat

    Didn’t she used to be attractive?

  13. HITLER

    What a smug looking cunt.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  14. fap

    What’s really funny here is she’s actually trying to be fashionable, and misses, every time.

  15. They ripped her off with about 70% of that coat.

  16. bbiowa

    That’s my gramma’s special Matlock outfit.

  17. Debutante

    She looks like such a humorless tool !

  18. mabel

    she is a total f*ckwhit

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