1. EricLr

    Only in a country with Pippa Middleton could she get away with showing off that as a hot ass.

  2. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Shut your fucking mouth and die.

  3. r,

    And here she is, daring Jon Hamm to show his ass off in a pair of sparkly short shorts. Well played Taylor, well played.

  4. amir

    I agree 100 percent with Eric Lr…

  5. That is not an ass. That’s flass.

  6. “Blah blah blah blah boy blah blah blah blah blah girl blah blah blah love blah…”

  7. Her ass ends where that zipper begins… why the hell is there another 8 inches of pants?

    • Trek Girl

      High-waisted shorts/pants are a style that goes pretty far back. It does not work for everyone, as we can see here.

  8. tlmck

    “Say something bad about my ass and I’ll write a song about you!”

  9. Animal

    Her ass is on par with her musical talents.

  10. Ruth

    Ass by Ren&Stimpy.

  11. cc

    Let’s all gather round, hold hands, and pray that those shorts aren’t coming into fashion.

  12. Hater

    My eight day clock just stopped.

  13. Gabe Kaplan

    Why is the number thirteen on her hand?

  14. rantatonne

    Finally a teen idol that will not grow up to be sexualized. I should clap but just continually find myself shaking my head at her desperate attempts that continue to fall flat.

  15. KC

    That is an… interestingly shaped butt.

  16. AssMuncher

    I guess I’m alone in thinking she has quite a nice little ass! And legs for days!

  17. See Alice

    Isnt she 6 feet tall ? That would exlplain a lot

  18. anonym

    yes. she’s about 6 feet, and a bean pole.

    • She’s 5’11″, so with heels she would be…what?…maybe 6’3″? I’ve always thought her to be incredibly pretty, but obviously her body — especially her butt — is not her strongest asset. Lovely face, though.

  19. The Pope

    Its pretty sad when I’d rather look at the drawing of an ass on her hand rather than her own actual ass.

  20. colt13

    Are those butt pads?

  21. neo

    Still taking No-Ass-At-All pills?

  22. Sheppy

    One of Swift’s ‘World’s worst shorts’ collection!

  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Another title arises for the world’s shortest books collection -

    The Extent Of Taylor Swift’s Ass

  24. El Jefe

    She is fine as hell. Crazy, but fine as hell.

  25. It’s about time they started putting ages on hands. I am tired of almost getting tricked into prison.

  26. Fribble

    Yeah, like any of the basement dweller here would turn it down. Please….

  27. Wily

    She stuffed her pants with pieces from a talking Teletubby!

  28. Nicole p

    I think she’s holding taylor lautners pecs hostage inside her shorts.

  29. Tyler Perry

    Reverse camel toe

  30. A zipper on short-shorts? Looks like that outfit was Taylor made for Swift entry. *Beeeeeeeyooooooooooooooowwww!* [Puts sunglasses on, opening credits roll].

  31. I like what I’m seeing here. She has a very lanky body, but she’s pretty enough to fuck. I can’t say much for her music or taste in men though.

  32. Oh hey! The back matches the front!

  33. NE1

    I’m guessing wearing your pants 12 inches too high is a way to make it seem like she’s not 6’5”. Didn’t work.

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