1. fucking douche bags.

  2. I thought he was supposed to be some sort of Fashion Icon or something?!?

    • karlito

      she’s wearing some cheap plastic skirt that’s lopsided on her fat ass and he’s dresed like some down and out pimp. i despise both these attention whores. where’s a drive by shooter when you need one.!!!!!

  3. Cock Dr


  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen


    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      That doesn’t make any sense now. It had an eff, a vowel and a gee. Figs, guys, talkin’ about figs.

  5. Hubert Updike

    What’s with the dayglo boots?

  6. ThisWillHurt

    What’s more embracing? A shallow, degrading, empty shell of a human being as a girlfriend? Or fluorescent pink shoes?

  7. NattyIce

    Yeah Kim, we think it’s funny he put on your sneakers by accident too.

  8. Danimial

    Does she have Doc’s sunglasses from BTTF 2 hanging off her blouse?

  9. Contusion

    No matter how annoyed Kanye looks, Kim is always smiling and soaking up the attention.

  10. That’s the exact same face I’D have if I was dating Kim Kardashian and everyone knew it!

  11. I like her skirt. It’d make a great car cover. For a Winnebago.

  12. She’s smiling because there’s a camera, he wants to die for the same reason.

  13. I don’t have enough fingers to count all the things that are wrong with this picture

  14. At least he’s never without a beach float.

  15. Troll's Nighmare

    My brain just froze up. It’s jaded enough already to tolerate these two but those pink shoes put it over the limit.

  16. cc

    Doesn’t that figure? Just when we run out of crazed gunmen…

  17. BigOkie

    Kim + Kanye = Kunts

  18. I bet he loves using Kim as a urinal.

  19. Mickey01232000

    Two assholes looking for a tube of Preparation H.

  20. That’s a big-ass pair of sunglasses.

    “That’s a big ass!” – Pair of Sunglasses

  21. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Ahh, young love…

  22. Jentilly

    Dammit Kim! I told you, you have to stay out on the corner! Come on I’ll bring you back.

  23. Ok fine you bang black guys, its 2012, I am cool with it, but that guy?

  24. Martina

    Kanye looks unhappy, I think he needs to be “dating” Kylie or Kensall.

  25. And another thing, who walks around with a guy swearing shoes made out of chewed bubblegum.

  26. KC

    Ugh, I just noticed that her purse matches his shoes. Will someone just make them go away already?

  27. spartacus


  28. tlmck

    She’s got that Ray J look in her eyes.

  29. mrsmass

    is she required to wear at least one article of leather clothing every day?

  30. She’s too stupid to realise what a douche he is, and he’s too much of a douche to realise what a douche he is.

    Luckily they both know she’s a whore, so it works.

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