1. EricLr

    Hey, could you sign this glorified coloring book you wrote?

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    die of measles, bitch.

  3. Deacon Jones

    She’s killing it still!

  4. You gotta feel sorry for her son. When he grows up, people are going to be saying to him “Hey, I thought you were retarded”…and he’ll have to say “no…that was my mom”

  5. Her spine can’t even hold up her boobs…I totally approve!

  6. tlmck

    Yes. Yes I would. At least until she uttered the term “relationship”.

  7. cc

    ‘Come here, you little shit…is that a vaccination scar?”

  8. lawn

    This is what crazy with cleavage looks like.

  9. Shouldn’t she be out somewhere practicing medicine? Oh, wait, that’s right… she’s completely unqualified to give a medical opinion. Well, I guess it’s never stopped he before.

  10. A public service reminder that vaccines cause autism, but getting breast implants—and then changing them every ten years—is totally totally safe.

  11. She would love me cause I’m pretty much the Rain Man of tits. I’m like…Titman.

  12. “Of course I carry my cellphone in my cleavage. Along with my purse, a PlayStation 2, a snack for later, and two changes of clothes in case of rain…or sex.”

  13. Crazy, stupid cunt.

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