1. EricLr

    Fuck. Left him on the plane again.

  2. YAAR

    She LAX an ass…

  3. Billebuoy

    Same old icy glare.

  4. Deacon Jones

    “Officer, I’ll warn you one more time. Due to my carbon steel skeleton, I will short-circuit this x-ray device. Then I will rip your head off and punt it.”

  5. tlmck

    Could we move on to February already?

  6. She has more luggage than acting ability.

  7. TSA Officer: “I don’t want to raise the alarm, sir, but we’ve re-run the bag twice, and my tech and I are positive there’s a kid inside.”

  8. cc

    She just discovered that you can be added to the no-fly list for sheer bitchiness.

  9. Are we all studiously looking away from her terrifying feet? Carcharodon Calcaneus.

  10. rantatonne

    Security officer : “Freeze Lady!”
    January Jones: “Sure, is somehting wrong officer?”
    TSA agent: “Yeah you just lost me 20 bucks. I bet my this guy that if he yelled ‘freeze’ at you, you’d respond with, ‘That’s my line.’”

  11. Buddy The Elf

    Gollum wants his feet back.

  12. ksmack

    Huh, I forgot something? My baby? Oh, you can keep him.

  13. I’m not patting her down. I did it last time, and the frostbite hasn’t healed yet.”

  14. That’s her TSA guy, but she just let a different one frisk her.

  15. The TSA guys thought she was smuggling plastic explosives, but then they realized it was just her face.

  16. Hmmmm…no shoes. I think I’ll hang here for a few minutes to see what else they make her take off.

  17. Put It In

    Corpse feet

  18. Her feet look gangrenous.

  19. BenDoverman

    As a foot connoisseur I’ve always bee quite disgusted with her feet -case in point. No wonder John “the” Ham can’t stand her.

  20. Mike Hunt

    January in the ass ! I bet I could warm it up !

  21. journalschism

    The only thing on her that smiles.

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