1. “So lately, Transvestites seem to just LOVE me!”

  2. I can’t imagine who goes into their plastic surgeon and says “Keep going until I look like Rosie Perez.”

    • Jester

      Her Doctor told her only two more surgeries and she can join the Jocelyn Wildenstein lookalike club.

  3. Schadenfreude

    I am not an animal!

  4. Josephus

    I didn’t even know there was going to be an “Avatar 2.”

  5. CptCreep

    I loved her in the Wrestler!

  6. donkeylicks

    “Wait until they get a load of me.”

  7. Dox

    I call bull. That is not Melanie Griffith. No way.
    That’s not even human.

  8. Champers

    In related news, Antonio Banderas just shot himself in the face. Twice.

  9. Ms Swan

    Janice Dickinson called, she wants her face back.

  10. Anyone notice you never see her and John Malkovich in the same place?

  11. safety dancer

    Antonio needs to stop downing handfuls of Viagra and move straight to Peyote. Geez.

  12. “You can call me…JOKER!”

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