1. “That fucking Luger shooting through three soldiers, that was my suggestion!”

  2. “I shot first bitches! Translate that.”


  4. A German TV show in which guests dress up like Mark Harmon and act frightened. Still better than Duck Dynasty.

  5. Josephus

    Unfortunately, due to the language barrier, Ford instead ended up on the set of “Watts en die Ass…?”

  6. Harrison ford found out just a little too late what the translation of “Wetten Dass’ actually is.

  7. Cock Dr

    Glad to see that Mr Ford doesn’t overdo it with the botox.

  8. cc

    Wie hat sich das verdammt Taube hier wieder zu bekommen?

  9. Not pictured: Maria De Aragon, confirming that indeed, “He always shot first. Every. Single. Time.”

  10. Ms Swan

    “If it’s raining men, I’m getting soaked!”

  11. “Now Mr. Ford, drunken patrons of Oktoberfest will pee on you while you hold this umbrella and perform ‘Singing in the Rain’.

  12. malaka

    das ist good

  13. “C’mon, man, I’ve had six steins of beer and I really need you to show me where the men’s room is.”

  14. “Tell that Bieber kid to stop spitting on us !”

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