1. Think that paper says Jones on it?

  2. So Deacon was really Reese Witherspoon this whole time. No wonder he was always posting shit like, “Reese sure is funny, talented, pretty, a great mom, loves anal, and snowballs like a pro.” Now we know.

  3. EricLR

    Looks like someone is up for another exciting game of “Try not to hit any pedestrians.”

  4. Dox

    No Deacon, you cannot come out of the trunk yet.

  5. cc

    Deacon Jones fucking rules man…she’s on her way to the airport to pick him up.

  6. The Pope

    Holy shit, she has her own “Wanted” style magic-weaving-target machine?

  7. We must all bow to Deacon Jones now, secret Hollywood pimp.

  8. What’s with the comically-oversized male escort business cards, Deacon?

  9. Andie

    She’s still just as cute as a button.

  10. “Wash me…with your tongue?”

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