1. joe

    He’s still trying to find the origins of Yorkshire Pudding.

  2. Fun fact: That’s not Google Glass, that’s an eye laser.

  3. “Ok Glass…google ‘what’s wrong with Meg Ryan’s face’ “

  4. EricLR

    “OK Google Now…what has John Ratzenberger been up to since 1994?”

    “Nothing found”

    • nah

      True story – Ratzenberger is one of the most “successful” actors out there. His Rotten Tomatoes score is ridiculously high because he has guest voiced virtually every PIXAR movie as a running gag.

  5. “How did Jordi LaForge see through this thing?”

  6. tlmck

    That’s one way to get rid of the Borg. Send them Cliff Clavin.

  7. “How did you get her to pose naked like that?”

  8. “It’s a little known fact that these Google Glass doohickeys started way back with your ancient Egyptians…”

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