1. That skank will do anything for attention.

  2. That one on the left is smoking

  3. “And before we hit Chateau Marmont, what say we have dinner at Olive Garden, eh? Nothing’s too good for my ladies!”

  4. Schadenfreude

    I’ll take “Douchebags and Has Beens” for $500, Alex.

  5. Does this mean Corey is doing better, or Shauna is doing worse?

  6. EricLR

    I wonder how many times his doctor has had to explain to the FDA why he’s ordering antibiotics by the crate?

  7. Man, looking at this picture really makes me want to be Corey.

    Haim, I mean.

  8. cc

    Corey Feldman with Shauna Sand and a woman whose self-esteem is non-existent.

  9. It was inevitable that Shauna Sand would eventually become one of his prostitutes, you call the service enough times and eventually he was bound to get her. In a week or two he should be out with Victoria Silvstedt.

  10. the way this dude has to keep publicly compensating is getting really sad.

  11. I would fuck both of these women. Don’t you judge me.

  12. safety dancer

    I don’t really have much to say about Corey”The Big Herp” Feldman but I think we found Waldo.

  13. my 2 cents

    This whole damn picture is just sad. Three terribly insecure people exhibiting their lack of self esteem for the whole world to see.

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