1. “hey boys…..2 for 1 deal today….I’ll be in the same blue van on the corner when the lunch whistle blows.”

  2. Someone forged him up some hair.

  3. sc4play

    John misread the script. Thought it was ‘The Fudge Packer.’

  4. Dox

    “See the third star from the left? That’s where Xenu lives….”

  5. He brought out the wig with some gray in it I see.

  6. massage time!!!!!!!!

  7. Whoever’s giving him a blowjob right now apparently has excellent technique.

  8. malaka

    like the faith + 1 album cover

  9. “I’ve always wondered how Xenu managed to paint the sky blue.”

  10. He remembered the code 1 lantern = back massage, 2 lanterns front massage. He looks up to see 2 lanterns in the steeple.

  11. Andie

    At least there’s some grey. That bowling-ball black color he usually chooses for his wigs is terrible. The grey is an improvement.

  12. Fingergod

    “Mista Kotta, oh ma gawddddddd”

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