1. Frank Burns

    “Haha, and then I told her, I’ve got inches if you’ve got feet!”

  2. Money. Helping old nasty looking weirdos like these two get laid since forever.

  3. KNeel

    I’m so glad they’re bringing Harry and Lloyd back for a new movie.

  4. EricLR

    Once again, Jeremy Irons, Master of Disguise, fooled Tarantino by dressing as David Carradine in “Kung Fu.”

  5. cc

    Yup, I can’t believe that shit either…getting to reprise David Carradine’s Kung Fu role at my age.

  6. Since the arm-wrestling match and the staring contest had both ended in a draw, Quentin & Jeremy opted for a maniacal laughter endurance test. That was three hours ago.

  7. “You actually liked Lone Ranger? Ha ha ha”

  8. martian leader

    what are they playing ‘wheel of fortune’?

  9. Jeremy:
    If you’re blue and you don’t know
    where to go to why don’t you go
    where fashion sits-
    pUtTin’ oN tHE r iTzZz!!!!

  10. “I wanted to tell you…I loved Die Hard 4!”
    “I was in Die Hard 3″
    That’s why I loved it!”

  11. “I had mine capped back in ’99. Still look pretty good, don’t they?”

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