1. joe

    I found this thing in my attic. How many Vicodins can I get for it?

  2. “Could one of you @#$@’ers point me to Hollywood Boulevard? I can do this myself!”

  3. If it weren’t for the hair, Id’ve thought that was Bob Newhart.

  4. Inner Retard

    They want to give me an award? …Me?!

  5. Josephus

    Even he can’t believe it.

  6. EricLR



  7. Dox

    See. I’m still relevant. Wait… come back… please.

  8. The Pope

    “No, listen… CAN – I – SNORT- IT?!”

  9. Jon Pork

    “Could I _BE_ any more confused about what this award is for?”

  10. Didn’t know his real name was “Murn Rx”.

  11. “No, no, no. My name is pronounced PER-REYYY. It doesn’t rhyme with JELLY. Shall we try it one more time?”

  12. fred

    “It’s me. I’M the star. Matthew Perry. I was on American television 20 years ago. Still never heard of me?

    Fuck this country.”

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