1. Smapdi

    Any chance the “Huading Awards Ceremony” includes tossing a screeching banshee into a volcano to appease angry gods?

  2. Good thing for her the Chinese consider raccoons to be lucky.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Oddly enough, all of those logos say, “We hate Nickelback”.

  4. cc

    Does Chad make me dress like a schoolgirl at home? You guys keep asking me that.

  5. I’m not saying she’s a slut, but she’s been around the world so many times she’s covered with travel stamps.

  6. “Miss Lavigne, how did they get the biggest rock star in the world to come to our awards?”

    “You guys still don’t have TV or the internet here yet, do you?”

  7. What the hell is with the advertisements? I can still see her!

  8. safety dancer

    She knew something was wrong when they asked her what it was like being married to Tom Cruise but a free trip to whereverthefuck is a free trip to whereverthefuck.

  9. When these signs are translated into English, they all promise oral sex with the purchase of her newest album. The one on the far right says, “Flee Browjob.”

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