1. That black girl in front of her looks like one of the aliens from “Fire in the Sky” with a wig.

  2. Huh. No shadow.

  3. Cock Dr

    Well what’s a girl to do with a substance abusing husband and marriage on the rocks? You go out clubbing!

  4. So she has to wear a jacket labeled with what species she & her friends are?

  5. Jade

    In the absence of her sister Kim, Khloe has stepped up to flaunt a giant ass in public.

  6. Nick Cannon is everywhere.

  7. Dox

    “Just in case people weren’t sure about its gender.”

  8. I never thought movable speed bumps would catch on.

  9. gary coleman's ghost

    Damn. I thought it was Earvin Johnson Jr.

  10. ” “Girls” I wish I was one”

  11. flocka

    that’s a big bitch :)

  12. No toilet paper for her , crack out the paper towels.

  13. Kelcagnie

    It’s all she has now.

  14. You can probably see her from the space shuttle.

  15. safety dancer

    Poor Lamar. Meth has shrunk him down to half his size. Wait, maybe my perspective is all wrong and he’s just standing next to Khloe.

  16. There is absolutely no way, no how, you can convince me that is a woman. Seriously. You see that walking away from you, with that jacket when you’re downtown Friday night, you mean to tell me the first thing that goes through your mind is, “Hey! I think that’s a woman!” No way, dude… No. WAY!!

  17. I’d love to pat Khloe on that great big round ass, bite her nipples, and stuff my meat down her throat.

  18. Jkh

    Will somebody get this walking carpet out of my way?

  19. Jack Links presents messin’ with Sasquatch…

  20. Girls. As in, where are they in this pic?

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