1. Insert Johansson beneath them.

  2. On the night that I went, Act 3 or “Stomp” went entirely wrong!

  3. EricLR

    Hey, after we’re done playing homeless, let’s take the Range Rover back to the Four Seasons and order room service!

  4. I'mCool

    The zero airspeed hover is really tough to get right in a Do-It-Yourself jetpack.

  5. This should be the movie poster. Nothing else about it should be released, i bet people watch just to figure out what the hell is going on in this scene.

    • cc

      It’s easy. A poor man reduced to collecting dew worms for a living. A single woman, who has sacrificed everything to be a a high powered exec on Wall Street, walks to her Land Rover and is dismayed to see she has a ticket.

      Their eyes meet. They fall in love.

  6. The Pope

    She really does have some cushion for the pushin’.

  7. Still a better love story than “Twilight”…
    Also, a better vampire story.

  8. safety dancer

    Just a man and his buckets. And that’s all he needs.

  9. Five minutes later, Anthony Mackie was in jail.

  10. “You think this move will get us first place on Dancing with the Stars?”

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