1. Like Rosie O’donell and Pink had a kid.

  2. Kinda starting to miss Paula Deen

    • Of course the difference is Anne is an actual chef who paid her dues and kicks ass. (Sorry, even being out of it this long, I have to stick up for the culinary profession.)

  3. Wow, Billie Idol really let himself go!

  4. I thought Corey Haim died

  5. She ain’t pretty, but I love her.

  6. And I ran. I ran so far away. Couldn’t get away.

  7. EricLR

    …so then I was a gym teacher for a while…

  8. sc4play

    For the love of God and all humanity, keep those legs crossed!

  9. rican

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman is such an eclectic guy.

  10. Dox

    “Martini? No. This is the souls of all those that dare gaze upon my thighs….”

  11. Step down from your throne of lies Fish, this is clearly Gary Busey on the set of “To Wong Fo Two, Because You Will Watch Anything.”

  12. Tiggles

    I think I know where she’s baking some yeast.

  13. cc

    She chose poorly…

  14. crb

    First stop: Twain. Next: Full-Brando!

    Best part? He’s keeping the hair from “Top Secret” all the way till the bitter end.

  15. bobatx

    Girl Fierri

  16. safety dancer

    If it’s possible to literally “cook your ass off” maybe Anne might think about heading down that route.

  17. I actually closed my eyes as I scrolled down to make this comment. True story.

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