1. ” I Love the pumpkin patch!”
    “Me too!”
    “Except it has all of those bugs that crawl under your skin!”
    “I know, right?”

  2. DENISE: “I knew I shouldn’t have slept with you again!”
    CHARLIE: “Just be glad it’s only crabs this time!”

  3. Cock Dr

    It raises the question: is the path to happiness lined with many thousands of dollars in child support and many kilos of high quality blow?

  4. Jenna

    And WTF is that thing in the upper left corner watching them from over the shrubs? Oh nevermind. I forgot Brooke was out of rehab.

  5. ‘well, the wheelbarrow of cocaine is empty, guess it’s time to throw some pumpkins in it and head home.’

  6. Wilson peekin over the bushes tryna see the meth itchies.

  7. EricLR

    Just a lovely Fall day, picking pumpkins and fighting off the Dark Lords who make you itch and demand more meth.

  8. cc

    Hey, look, this one looks just like Cameron Diaz!

  9. Is that Big Bird in the top left corner?

  10. Swearin

    They all want pumpkins; the kids want to make jack o lanterns, Denise wants to make fresh pumpkin bread and pie, and Charlie wants one to take home and have sex with

  11. safety dancer

    ” You’re ok Charlie. The Great Pumpkin’s not real and even if he was, it’s still daytime. You’ll be just fine.”

  12. ” What was that thing you gave me the last time we had sex?”
    “…a kid?”
    “Yeah. You never apologized for that!”

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