1. “Overly dramatic? Well, you played Geordie LaForge like he was a pussy!”

  2. i know you were the Captain on Star Trek but I think he called dibbs on that chair first Bill.

  3. “Shhh, don’t say it too loud, but there is a black guy on the set, go and get security, quietly!”

  4. it had to be said

    “I think he’s still there. Is he still there?”

  5. Mike Walker

    Looks like a gay lovers’ quarrel.

  6. The Brown Streak

    “How come he always gets to sit in the captain’s chair!”

  7. Captain Kirk has still go it. Ulhura, not so much.

  8. farting old man's wife

    That wasn’t me it was the black guy!!

  9. He never got over seeing that gremlin on the airplane wing.

  10. Sadly, White Shatner never spoke to Black Shatner ever again.

  11. Quone

    “Im not speaking to you.”

  12. luciddreamer99

    ‘You get all the women! Even the ugly ones!”

  13. diego

    Looks like we got ourselves a Mexican standoff…

  14. Swearin

    “I’m sorry, but Priceline putting you in the back of the plane isn’t my fault”

  15. Venom

    “This white mofo took my chair”

    “Oh shit, I took that black dude’s chair”

  16. TomFrank

    “Can’t believe those Platonians had to FORCE you to kiss Uhura. I ain’t never forgiven you for fightin’ them on that.”

  17. zomgbie

    one day
    when you least expect it

    the Takei will strike.

  18. cc

    I heard you were mean to Dr. Sulu, so fuck you!

  19. “Ebony and Ivory” is always the perfect ice breaker for these two lovebirds.

  20. DeucePickle

    “You know what i hate, an over rated actor that is still revered to this day for his part on a short lived tv show over 40 years ago. Uh oh, there’s one right behind me, isn’t there ?”

  21. tlmck

    That’s right! Talk to the butt!

    Isolate his FACE fer chrissakes… he’s turning into YODA!!

  23. UncleDenial

    Kirk just got exiled from the Klingon Empire.

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