1. MarkM


    One Word?

    Two Syllables?

    Is it Harvey?

  2. “…and this bunny came out of nowhere… (are my fingers pointing in the douche behind me? Excellent)”

  3. Johnny P!

    “Damn bursitis! I can’t give myself bunny ears in pictures anymore!”

  4. pdan

    There’s always a Log Cabin Republican in the background, smiling grimly with self-hatred and saying it all with his eyes…

  5. Mike Walker

    Oooh look, I’m a bunny wabbit!

  6. The Brown Streak

    Always reliable at reporting the most important news, Barbara Walters tells us how many weeks we will be without Hank Williams Jr. singing the MNF theme.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    October is Sign Language Tourettes Awareness Month

  8. farting old man's wife

    So sad Babwa can’t get anyone to give her wabbit ears!!

  9. SewMeDown


  10. tlmck

    Two more minutes until we go back to the home?

  11. This just in…newscaster/interviewer Barbara Walters, still suffering from dementia, thinks by making rabbit ears over her head with her fingers she will be mistaken for a Playboy bunny and be hired to work at the recently re-opened Playboy Club in Chicago…”

  12. DogBoy

    Macy’s > Tit-Harnesses > Belts > Patent Leather

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