1. twinkle

    Damn, this case of krabs is relentless.

  2. Why is she rubbing her gash in every goddamn photo?

  3. it had to be said

    Vaginal itching is a non-sectarian issue, Belfast!

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Belfast says thanks. Throw a jumper on there and give us a song.

  5. The Brown Streak

    Masterbating in front of audiences is also considered a compliment in Barbados.

  6. Hasn’t Northern Ireland suffered enough.

  7. kec232

    “Damn tampon…”

  8. farting old man's wife

    Maybe she wishes she had a dick????????

  9. I think it’s stuck there

  10. The Most Interesting

    “Eh, mon, tha’ potato itches!”

  11. Bonky

    Damn, I check every day and still no penis.

  12. can we all just agree, rather than picking on her for constantly masturbating in public, that we should all be allowed to? not that i’m feeling the urge lol–but i’d like to reserve the right.

  13. Mike701

    “Who’s Yo Mammy??!!

  14. Truk

    Rhianna’s putting on a ghetto production of Greese

  15. Aud

    While all eyes are on Ri-Ri’s ri-ri, the lone black gay dancer is looking longingly (and a bit aggressively) at the sequence. Everything is still right in the world.

  16. Hugh Gentry

    it burns when I pee

  17. Misana

    She needs to stop.

  18. sc4play

    Performing. Right. Is that what we’re calling ‘that’ now? I am so behind the times.

  19. This Aunt Jemima makes my pancakes smell like rum and butt.

  20. Miss Thalia Amour

    Blue waffle?

  21. Since the Fish is my only source of Rihanna-related news, I have this notion that her life consists entirely of grabbing her crotch, shoving her ass in other people’s crotches, and jiggling her tittays in Irish farmers’ faces.
    My kinda gal.

  22. Steelerchick

    One word – CANESTEN

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