1. MarkM

    Aaaargh! The breeze just broke three of my bones!

  2. It’s nice that he so enjoys shopping.

  3. twinkle

    Cannot believe I had to carry these bags by myself! They must way at least a pound. Do you know what that kind of weight can do an arm that’s been through the civil war?

  4. Yea I’m retired, what’s it to ya!

  5. Why is he making that face all the time??? Did one of his nuts roll out his pretends and he stepped on it???

  6. Richard McBeef

    Considering that’s the same face he had a couple weeks ago, I’d say that Mr. King needs more fiber.

  7. Snack pack

    The fucks wrong with this guy?

  8. Satan's bitch

    It never fails. In every photo of Larry King, there’s some old geezer in the foreground grimacing … wait.

  9. it had to be said

    This is what you look like when the world’s your lawn and those damn kids won’t get off it.

  10. MILF

    Whatever happened to him in there, I can guarantee you Smithers will be paying for it.

  11. pdan

    “Alright, got the scones. Now it’s fuck city.”

  12. Ticonderoga

    “Grrr….Those damn kids can never get anything right…”

  13. Johnny P!

    “I fuckin’ HATE it when I can’t remember what I’m angry about!”

  14. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    It’s really haunting, a good King Leer

  15. The Brown Streak

    Yankees lost.

  16. Sporange

    Looks like the movie poster for Alien 6 – or is it 7? His teeth come out too!

  17. I think Mr. Mitchell caught Dennis on his lawn again.

  18. Ben Dover


  19. Crabby Old Guy

    Goddamned kids are running across somebody’s lawn somewhere!

  20. AnnaDraconida

    His default facial expression.

  21. farting old man's wife

    “This is the face my bulldog makes when I don’t bring him home is doggie treats!!” My dog is such a bastard!! GRRRR!!!

  22. Smithers, release the hounds!

  23. Gollum’s retirement years have not been kind.

  24. luciddreamer99

    This particular species of Bonobo/chimpanzee enjoys shopping and wearing windbreakers.

  25. Mike701

    “Depends…reaching…critical…mass…Must …make it…to…car!!!

  26. Colin

    I smell… TEENAGERS.

  27. Venom

    One person who has no need to purchase a Halloween costume.

  28. TomFrank

    “Screw them! Telling me I can’t send back soup…”

  29. Gah! I owe so much in spousal support!!

  30. Perplexity

    I fucking HATE high fiber diets!!!

  31. Meat

    Not pictured: Chris Brown.

  32. Mwaddams

    “damn, NOW the prunes kick in…”

  33. samuel

    mr burns is just off back to power plant

  34. I guess AnnaLynn McCord makes that face everywhere she goes.

  35. Ay Dios mio

    “Not one god damned bone without arthritis and the hag still sends me four block for her blue berry muffins”

  36. tlmck

    Just saw AnnaLynne McCord’s side boob.

  37. “Calling all cars…be on the lookout for a zombie last seen walking down Wilshire Blvd….looks pretty much like Larry King…that is all.”

  38. Dave Mustaine

    I guess E.T. forgot to “phone home”. He’s still here.

  39. I can’t decide if he’s Mr. Burns or Beavis’ Grandpa.

  40. dontlooknow

    Why does he always make that “oops I crapped my pants” look??!!

  41. Buddy the Elf

    We dares cross my bridge?”

  42. honeybadger

    If I go like this, I can smell my breath. I shouldn’t have had that skunk for breakfast.

  43. Steelerchick

    Do you believe this guy still gets laid??

  44. UncleDenial

    “Deagle, Deagle, Deagle.”

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