1. bdog821

    Who and who??

  2. Worse side-egg ever.

  3. Wow, he could snap her in half…

  4. He’s stretching that sideboob well past the recommended limits.

  5. Johnny P!

    Dom: “You’re so skinny I could pick you up with no effort!”
    AL-M: **through clenched teeth** “You’re… pushing my… spinal cord… into… my brain!”

  6. The Brown Streak

    “If you wanna feel my tits, you’ll have to move your hands lower.”

  7. Kelly

    Both of them have horrible skin. He’s looking a little Mickey Rourke here.

  8. farting old man's wife

    He is sportin a chub! A small one, but still a chub!

  9. Ponytail and mesh trucker hat…Ashton, your style is making a comeback.

  10. lori

    Is that her dad?

  11. luciddreamer99

    They feel like bags of sand…

  12. brit

    he goes ot grab her boob and finds that she has none.

  13. Lita

    “Ha ha ha. Oh, Daddy, remember the bad touch we talked about?”

  14. lily

    she is TINY! oh, and this looks totally creepy.

  15. cc

    Hey, honey, yes, the prequel to The Wrestler is going fine.

  16. Mickey Rourke and Courney Love – you saw it here first!

  17. Ay Dios mio

    Dominic: You’re all the same to me
    Anna: You charming dog, you

  18. tlmck

    I think maybe somebody else lost about 10-15 years off her birth certificate.

  19. “Get your fucking ball-scratchers away from my tits, you horny old piece of shit!”

  20. Fran

    Is he REALLY hitting that???
    kudos to you, creepy old perv.

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