1. He looks confused…probably as to why he has so much fucking forehead.

  2. Richard McBeef

    Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know. Turn off the lights and I’ll glow.

  3. MILF

    It’s Max Headroom!

  4. Johnny P!

    So they’ve finally cast the “Gordon Ramsay: The Early Years” biopic. Cool!

  5. pdan

    He’s two ounces of hair gel away from a full Vanilla Ice.

  6. The Brown Streak

    “Why do people keep calling me OBGYN Kinobi?”

  7. farting old man's wife

    Stewie Griffin in 30 years!!!

  8. Cock Dr

    Once upon a time I briefly found him attractive.
    It was a short 10 minutes…and this photo puts a pair of cement shoes on any further interest.

  9. luciddreamer99

    “You don’t want to sell me any hair gel…”

  10. brit

    this is not the hemerroid you are looking for.

  11. edie

    That’s him on an off day. I met him recently, and I had trouble looking anywhere but at his smile.

    However, the photo I got with him is pretty awful because I am busy ruining it.

  12. DeucePickle

    There’s Something About Ewan

  13. dontkillthemessenger

    Damn… the Jersey Shore has infected Europe.

  14. DogBoy

    One eye is watching the movie, the other is scoping the exit.

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