1. ThisWillHurt

    What an odd place for a set list.

  2. it had to be said

    I heard MILF gangbangs were the coming thing in porn . . .

  3. catapostrophe


  4. Joe

    Doody bubble inspection.

  5. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Yes mam, it’s hemorrhoids

  6. The show was stopped when Tyrone realized the muffled cry for help was coming from Ms Lopez’s sphincter. The missing backup dancer had been found!

  7. Fishballs

    Puerto Ricans even make going to the proctologist look like fun.

  8. CptCreep

    In other news, a Bubble-forming super-massive black hole was found today.

    No, seriously:

  9. Ordinarily I would be impressed that she re-uses clothes, but for god’s sake GET A NEW COSTUME!!

  10. May I present to you: Miss Steamy Nicks!

  11. This is one spitroast I don’t want to see happen.



  13. Dr. cocksider

    Yes, confirmed: clean and shave….

  14. henry hill

    lip sync, her ass!

  15. Inner Retard

    So JLo, your motivation in this scene is while Jack’s Load fucks you in the ass and Black Hammer sticks a cock in your face you’re still not sure if you’re in love with the gardener next door. ACTION!

  16. yourmom

    Another MILF fallen into the 50 Shades of Grey trap.

  17. The secret is to jump in feet first, without bending the knees.

  18. The guy on the left is beta testing Google Ass.

  19. theraggededge

    She’s now star attraction at the Bananenbar? Dang.

  20. The Royal Penis

    This is all wrong! Gangnam style dictates you yell into her ass!

    If you’re doing it right it will echo back.

  21. cabora

    She needs a new outfit. She’s worn this fancy number like 20 times.

  22. Rhettropunk

    No, I can’t see the end of your ben wa balls. They’re just gone.

  23. “Oh God… it’s coming, someone hold me up!”

    “Ima get your panties out the way”



  24. Both of those dudes look like they barely want to touch her.

  25. cc

    “No! Your farts do not smell like roses!”

  26. swalton

    Despite his race and effort he couldn’t bridge what is known as the John Hamm zone

  27. Joaquin ingles

    That’s one hell of a sweat stain.

  28. journalschism

    Mr. Marcus sizing up the kill.

  29. Tron

    Oh yeah, I remember….one in the stink, two in the pink…

  30. Bionic_Crouton

    This is not how you do the “Hokey Pokey”.

  31. mbcl

    “Brother check out the size of her ring” – “I am, I am”

  32. tlmck

    That dude in the back must be really desperate for a job.

  33. I'll get my coat

    Google rotterdam casserole. Nuff said.


  35. I saw J-Lo on “Katie” the other day. I really like her, and she looked gorgeous.

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