1. K-Tron

    You almost had me for a second, but I see your game, Joe. You’re just pretending to be gay so that it’s no longer creepy when you ogle your daughters. Your mistake is this: no gay man would wear non-matching beige on beige.

  2. Shoebacca

    I guess all those inappropriate comments he’s been making about Jessica’s boobs all these years were just tips as a stylist. A pimp stylist.

  3. Happy_Evil_Dude

    You know how they say all girls marry their fathers? Ashlee Simpson, meet Pete Wentz.

  4. Inner Retard

    My first thought was: Charlie Sheen looks like shit.

  5. rican

    A cellphone in your pocket will not turn you into John Hamm

  6. henry hill

    awww, what a cute little hat. fabbbulousssss.

  7. Gary Busey’s gay brother.

  8. Why are we making fun of this poor burn victim? For shame!

  9. Jentilly

    Pimp daddy Joe

  10. EricLR

    Wow, zero to full-on flaming in just a few days.

  11. zomgbie

    that hat says he hunts for twinks at the local weekly polka dance.

  12. His got the finances for some chicken.

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    Joe Simpson and his non-fat soy latte’ are off to the bus station to find runaway teenagers to pimp.

  14. duh!

    I just don’t understand the thuggish looking necklace. Is he suppose to be a gay pimp?

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