1. it had to be said

    I think she might have missed a few buttons on the front there. And also, puberty.

  2. I'mCool

    cool purse.

    Oops. I might be gay.

  3. I know what she was going for, but that dress falls flat.

  4. Cock Dr

    She gets points for carrying her own umbrella.

  5. kimmykimkim

    That clutch is just stupid. A domino? Really? Ok.

  6. That isn’t rain on her dress.

  7. She’s beautiful.

  8. oldfool

    Laura wit more would be hot.

  9. EricLR

    Britain, where even the roads don’t have curves.

  10. LilDeuceDeuce

    I didn’t see a thumbnail picture, just the text “Laura Whitmore Cleavage Nipples Pride of Britain Awards.” Sadly that description is far more exciting than the actual picture.

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