1. Wow, her face just made their logo cringe…

  2. shes actually happy here because Hurricane Sandy destroyed the Jersey Shore and all its herpes n stuff. There IS a god.

  3. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Has been living in fear ever since Arnold told her he’d be back

  4. Now that she’s founded the “I Won’t Maid F#$%” foundation, she simply needs to get Arnold to join.

  5. Inner Retard

    I’d like to dedicate this award to my children and in their honor shove it up my husband’s ass.

  6. If only we could record sound effects for these comments…

  7. BP

    I almost thought this said American Cougars in Journalism Awards…

  8. BP

    Or the International MILF Foundation Awards….

  9. Writer: “Okay, let me pitch you another one… it’s like Weekend at Bernies, only they get the corpse to talk”

    Producer: “I don’t know… that been done to death, no pun intended amiright?!! LOL…”

    Writer: “It stars wife of a governor. He’s been banging living chicks, but he gets caught and people think he’s cheating on his wife. Maybe they even get divorced and she goes on the speech circuit”

    Producer: “Let’s get some storyboards”

  10. napoupi

    The name reads ‘Shriver’, the face reads ‘shriveled’. :(

  11. There should be a podium blocking her legs at all times.

  12. cc

    She’s wearing her special anti-booger glasses.

  13. The Pope

    It’s like Kate Middleton with “bitter beer face”.

  14. that’s the look she gets every time she sees the help

  15. journalschism

    Did I tell you my husband fucked the maid? I did? Let me move on.

  16. EricLR

    Is she presenting to the reporter who caught Arnold?

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    “Hi, I’m Maria, and this is my first Idiots With Maid Fuckers meeting.”

  18. Jeeezusss…No wonder Arnold was fucking someone else…

  19. hookerface

    Skeletor’s a lady?

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