1. catapostrophe

    America’s Sweetheart, in the “flesh”.

  2. Westcoastdude

    Yo Lindsay, looking good!

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I was about to say Nicole Kidman looks awful.

    Finding out it’s Joan Rivers isn’t going to stop me.

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    If you think Joan Rivers’ plastic surgery is shocking, just wait until the Kardashians are her age.

  5. dmbishop

    Bruce Jenner’s “after” pic.

  6. Id rather have Charles Manson jerk me off.

  7. It’s hard to look your best when Melissa almost breaks your nose trying to get into frame anytime someone takes your picture.

  8. Now we know where Michael Jackson’s nose went.

  9. Dental records are the only identifiable thing about her now.

  10. You never see Joan Rivers and Bruce Jenner together…think about it.

  11. I think she needs a scar from the corner of her mouth down to her neck. Perfect.

  12. can’t believe she let herself get caught before the daily spackling ritual.

  13. I wouldn’t want to kiss lips that were once wrapped around Julius Caesar’s dick.

  14. whatever

    ‘cut here, cut there, i cover the skin in thick make-up all the time anyway, just get the loose skin off my face!’
    senile? forgot your make-up..

  15. jep

    I thought it was Kirsten Dunst after a hard night o’ drinkin’.

  16. journalschism

    “All of the scalpels!”

  17. bernard

    Look, it’s Joan Rivers wearing a Joan Rivers mask!

  18. “I’m melting. What a world.”

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