1. cc

    Ted Cruz packed on the stupid…and the pounds!

  2. “High five for Peggy Bundy wood!!”
    “The fuck did you say???”

  3. looks like a high five denial in progress.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    I guess not everyone appreciates a good Neighborhood Watch joke.

  5. caley

    “No, I’m sorry, we already have one of you in the cast.”

  6. JimBB

    Things just keep getting better and better for Al Bundy.

  7. That painful moment of conspicuous hangin’.

  8. Is there an absurd caricature of a gay guy here today? A person that embarrasses not only his family but also his community? Someone that completely defies the multifaceted portrayal of gay men’s lives that we try to present on this show?

  9. “Who was the mysterious fan who blew you in a poorly lit men’s room?…Hello!”

  10. “I was in Dogs of War, me and Walken used to kill homeless people together and piss on their corpses. Get your fucking hand out of my face.”

  11. Ed looks like he is about to punch him, he should just go ahead and do it.

  12. pf

    just scratch the back of your head and it’s just like if nothing happened.

  13. Al Bundy does not have even one fuck to give.

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