1. So, the same people who photoshopped his forehead wrinkles out couldn’t be bothered to give him matching shoes?

  2. MeanMrsMustard

    If it looks like a wanker, and acts like a wanker…..

  3. Nice blouse nancy.

  4. How long before he’s arrested?

  5. Wow, Buck wheat has barely aged a day.

  6. What an asshole.

  7. Westcoastdude

    Should be the ‘Buttenders Game’ he goes to

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    Just because Will Smith isn’t swigging Tequila all day like Dina Lohan doesn’t make him a good parent.

  9. Two. Different. Shoes. Sigh.

  10. Spleen

    He has fantastic hair.

  11. Oh…so irreverent…two different shoes. My 9-year old used to do that when he was 6, but then got over it by 7. Trying too hard.

  12. Oldnslo

    Is he a douchenozzle for trying too hard, or is he just a confused rich kid who needs guidance.

    Yup: douchenozzle.

  13. Money cant buy taste.
    Or fashion sense.
    Or a career.

  14. “Jaden, can you give us a quote?”

  15. JimBB

    See Will, this is why parents are hard on their kids: to keep them from doing shit like this!

    Real parents understand just fine.

  16. crb

    I would love to see the sharknado that ensues if this twit ever gets a chance to ask Harrison Ford some dumbass question in real-life.

    The tactical-nuke-splosion of crankiness fueling it would be observable for miles; -time-zones; –decades-perhaps…

  17. Odbarc

    “Daddy, I want botox.”

  18. Hugh G. Rection

    The expression on his face says “Yes I know this outfit is ridiculous, but my mom made me wear it”.

  19. WJ Clinton

    Wow, two different shoes. How edgy. How 1995.

    Crawl back to your Scientology altar and keep giving thanks to the uteran god fucktwit.

  20. He’s such a dick ass.

  21. blerg

    Just remember this face the next time you hear a republican going on about the death tax.

  22. Can we stop seeing photos of this little closeted gay asshole already? So tired of this dipshit.

  23. Jentilly

    Quick he’s escaping from his straight jacket!

  24. He looks like a little Whoopie Goldberg.

  25. “More like Rear Ender’s Game…Shot clock buzzer…rock me!”

    *nod to maggiore”

  26. When you dress in the dark in the Smith family mansion, it is possible to come out looking like future German sex slave on top, Pippi Longstockings on bottom.

  27. Prince of Belch Air.

  28. There’s just….there’s not a lot to say.

  29. well the shorts are better than the full diaper skinny pants? ? ? ok. that’s used up my weeks’ worth of kindness.

  30. Urbanspaceman

    I so wanted Jaden to be in Ender’s Game – as the kid that Ender kicks the crap out of. Just saying…

  31. worst. clone. EVER.

  32. Holy shit, he CAN close his mouth!

  33. Ronaldo

    Poor kid. He is growing up to be an ass

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